"No one, no one normal, that is, will understand. Yeah, yeah, I'm all fucked up. My mantra. But if anyone actually suspects how fucked up I am , they've yet to let me know."

27th August 2012

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soflorida gpoy

soflorida gpoy

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25th August 2012

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18th July 2012

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This song. This scene. This movie. Everything. Makes me want to fall in love.

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20th June 2012

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20th June 2012

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I keep thinking…

…about our life, and comparing it to a virtual computer game. We ultimately have the power to do whatever we want with it. If we work for anything hard enough our goals will become ours.

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6th May 2012

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23rd April 2012

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23rd April 2012

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Stanford neuroscientists host the world’s first love competition, asking contestants between the ages of 10 and 75 to spend 5 minutes in an fMRI machine thinking deeply about the person they love. The results are certain to bring a tear to your eye.

Complementary reading: 5 essential books on the psychology of love.

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23rd April 2012

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30th March 2012


I love her. Late night track meets are the best

I love her. Late night track meets are the best

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