"No one, no one normal, that is, will understand. Yeah, yeah, I'm all fucked up. My mantra. But if anyone actually suspects how fucked up I am , they've yet to let me know."

24th September 2012


September 24, 2012

How weird has this year been so far.

I can’t tell if I’m enjoying it or not.

All the anxiety and issues,

I know,

even as terrible as they are in the moment,

are okay.

I know that things are temporary and that there are much greater things to come.

Even though I do not spend my days in the most desirable place,

I find that as each day goes by,

I am okay.

I am okay.

I am okay.

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12th August 2012

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20th July 2012

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incredibly inspirational

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19th July 2012

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Mud maskkkk tonight

Mud maskkkk tonight

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16th July 2012

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26th June 2012

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8th May 2012

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Dancing a Waltz (c. 1883-1886) - Eadweard Muybridge, photographer.


Dancing a Waltz (c. 1883-1886) - Eadweard Muybridge, photographer.

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6th May 2012

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26th April 2012

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23rd April 2012

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everyone go buy a Hopeless Youth shirt!


everyone go buy a Hopeless Youth shirt!

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